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What is Construction Management?

Construction Management is an alternative delivery system for construction projects. It has been around for many years in different forms but essentially it breaks the project into many small parts; each being a separate prime contract with the owner, and administered by the construction manager. The traditional method of General Contracting would lump all these parts into one prime contract between the owner and general contractor.

There are several advantages to the Construction Management (CM) system; foremost is cost. Size of the fee and the fee structure, itself, are different for each case.

General Contract (GC) fees run from 4 to 6 percent, or more, depending on the size and complexity of the project. Supervisory personnel would be part of the cost being marked up. CM fees generally run from 2 to 4 percent and typically that fee includes the supervisory personnel.

GC fees are compounded. For example; the mechanical subcontractor hires an insulator as part of his bid and puts his mark-up on top. The GC puts his mark-up on the mechanical price; hence you have mark-up on mark-up.

A CM would hire the insulator direct; saving extra cost. The CM mark-up would also be smaller.

The difference in fees and fee structure carries through to changes in the work. The multi tier mark-ups, (sub- subcontractor, subcontractor, contractor), are eliminated when the sub-subcontractor and subcontractor are themselves prime contactors. Communication is also better when the CM can deal direct with the contractor instead of through a third party

The project which has been broken down into smaller areas can be bid sequentially as the drawings are completed. There is no need for all drawings to be complete as is needed in the GC method. Field work starts earlier and finishes earlier. The owner saves money and starts up earlier.

The cost savings are real and are attained without sacrificing schedule or quality. West’s seasoned engineers and superintendents have the experience to manage a CM project. We have the knowledge of the trades and the feel for work sequence to divide a project into efficient bid packages that will work effectively together. Our ability to function together as a team of owner, contractor, and engineer, is indicative of our professional approach.


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