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Indian Creek Christian Church begins using new facility

"The Box" opened in December providing additional classroom space.  Being built without debt, the building is opening in phases.  However, while all areas are able to be occupied, two of three classrooms are currently complete and being used.

West Construction Management provided accurate cost projections and modified the completion schedule and scope as needs changed.  With approximately 4,000 for Sunday services, the elders saw a need to modify the use of the new space without borrowing.  This was accomplished in short order and the building is being used, allowing new people an opportunity to meet the Lord.


Ingersoll Rand's Von Duprin Indianapolis

Ingersoll Rand's Von Duprin Indianapolis facility materials logistics area was improved. 


Completing a relocation project allowed for improved material flow both into and out of the plant.



Judson West

B.S. - Purdue University

Construction Software:

Primavera P3 and Suretrac, Microsoft Project, Primavera Expedition, Constructware


Judson has been assuming ever-increasing responsibility on each project assigned

He has developed the skills needed for the electronic age as it continues to fill the construction marketplace.  Versed in the premier software tools, he is able to work with Owners and designers to allow documents, data and information to move quickly from the decision maker to the field.

Prior to West Construction Management, Judson was responsible for firm-priced general construction projects around central Indiana.  With that said, he developed the personal tools needed to command and control the workman in the field.  He understands the materials that need to be available, the tools required, the crew size and the quantity that should be installed in a set time frame.  It is this experience level that allows accurate schedules to be made and maintained.  It also allows the understanding of what is needed, when.

Following is a representative list of projects:

  • National Starch & Chemical Company, Indianapolis  -  New packing bins, new packing and palletizing line.
  • Wilhelm Construction Company, formwork division, Indianapolis  -  Worked in crew on heavy concrete/formwork project.  Project was bounded on three sides by existing high-rise buildings.  All materials were sequenced to arrive in a narrow time frame.
  • DePauw University, multiple projects, Greencastle, Indiana.  Responsible for document control.
  • Childrens’ Museum, Indianapolis  -  Bid packages and document control.
  • Barnhill Parking Garage and Eitelejorg Museum, Indianapolis  -  All aspects of project management from scheduling and expediting to management of subcontractors.  Handled all change management.
  • Eli Lilly, Indianapolis  -  Scheduling, cost and change management (engineer) for $105MM production laboratory.
  • Indianapolis Airport Parking Garage  -   Project Manager responsible for all aspects from cost and labor control to change and schedule control for a $75MM trade package.
  • National Starch, LLC, Indianapolis  -  Project manager for multiple projects including locker room renovation, materials conveying equipment replacements and process upgrades.
  • National Starch, LLC, North Kansas City, Mo  -  Project manager for new grain receiving facility.


Al Duvall


Plumber & Steamfitter Apprenticeship, Indianapolis, Indiana

 ASME National Board for Pressure Vessels Inspector,

ASME Board Repair/Alterations School for Pressure Vessels



Al is highly skilled in providing leadership and direction on large complicated industrial construction projects.  For over 40 years, he has managed many complicated, industrial and manufacturing facilities throughout the Midwest.  Not only is Al competent in all piping and mechanical trades but he also understands electrical trades.

As construction commences, Al provides leadership in promoting collaboration and creative problem solving to direct success during construction and post-construction phases.  During construction he makes certain the schedule is maintained while ensuring safety and quality goals are met.  Further, he is a skilled negotiator.  He completely manages the change order process, making certain potential cost increases are known before they take place.  He also manages labor negotiations, knowing work rules, trade agreements and industry standards.

As a construction manager, he understands the tools and equipment required to complete all project tasks; he knows the correct crew mix and the production the crew should have; and he knows what materials are needed when and what tools and equipment are required to achieve the highest quality and production rates.


Immediately after graduating from apprentice school, Al was designated project superintendent.  Responsible for manpower, production rates, material and equipment coordination, Al soon started training to be Project Manager.

In this position, Al was responsible for materials management, equipment movements between projects and using stock materials/job returns.  He instituted estimating formulas for shop fabrication.  These estimating forms are still in-use.

As Project Manager, Al managed many process projects.  These include:

  • Reilly Industries  -  Petrochemical processes.
  • Eli Lilly  -  Pharmaceutical production facilities.
  • National Starch & Chemical Company  -   Starch treating and drying, by-products production and specialty food starch production.
  • Indianapolis Power & Light Company  -  Steam and water systems.
  • Heritage  -  Chemicals and waste recycling.
  • Commonwealth Edison  -  Steam and water systems.
  • BP Petroleum (AMOCO)  -  All facilities and operating units at the Whiting refinery.
  • Shell Oil  -  Refinery operations.
  • Ashland  -  Refinery operations.
  • Private owner  -  Project/Site manager for a $15MM process plant.  Work included not only the full production plant but also a pilot plant to work through operational issues.  For a new, extraordinary process, project included all process, control and power work for a plant built on an existing site in upstate New York.

As Labor Coordinator, Al was responsible for hiring and firing skilled craftsman of all general and pipefitting trades from Kentucky to Illinois.


As Corporate QA/QC Manager, Al was responsible for implementing, upgrading and maintaining the company-wide program.  Doing so, Al obtained and maintains the ASME S, U, PP, A and R code stamps.





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