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Judson West II, PE

Professional Engineer B.S. Civil Engineering, Purdue University
Past Member, American Arbitration Association Panel of Arbitrators, Construction

Jud is highly skilled in providing leadership and direction on large complicated construction projects. He has directly managed over $250 million of construction for industrial and manufacturing facilities throughout the Midwest including power, wet corn milling, automotive assembly, and specialty chemical facilities. He has also managed churches, schools and large civic/commercial projects.

Jud is astute at managing the construction process and ensuring that the “right” estimators, project management team, and field support are leading each phase of the project.

Jud directs the value engineering process and ensures that the proposed construction technologies are feasible during budgeting \while introducing alternative methods as necessary. He also consults during the design phase and provides coordination with regard to sequencing, expediting, master schedule development and other significant milestone considerations.

As construction commences, Jud provides team leadership in promoting collaboration and creative problem solving to direct success during construction and post-construction phases. Jud ensures that the project is appropriately staffed and allocated resources necessary to deliver on commissioning commitments and plant turnover.

Prior to founding West Construction Management, Jud was president of Wilhelm Environmental Technologies, which provided emissions treatment and consulting services on power plants and industrial facilities. His process experience allowed for new technology development and a greatly expanded project base in flue gas conditioning as well as industrial plants. New technology included patented innovations.

Before Wilhelm Environmental, Jud was Executive Vice President of a large mid-western construction company, Coming up through the company, his experience base returned him to ever more complex process projects.

Following is a representative list of projects:

National Starch & Chemical Company, Kansas City, Missouri. Construction Manager for Amphoteric and Packing systems including starch value added processing and additional bag packing and palletizing capabilities.  Also included additional systems within existing facility for addition of new recipe required chemicals.

Lever Brothers, Hammond, Indiana.  Multiple projects for soap production and soap bar forming and packaging.

AGP, Omaha, Nebraska.  Pre-construction services for proposed wet corn mill to provide ethanol, starch, corn sweeteners, and co-product including gluten, geed and gluten meal.

Pekin Energy, Furnished a sulfur burner for production of SO2

National Starch & Chemical Co., Woodruff, South Carolina. Construction Manager for construction of high technology hot melt adhesives plant.  Called in after job was scheduled and budgeted.  Careful prepackaging and value engineering plus proper construction management technique brought job  in under budget and schedule.  Raw materials prepared hot (through hot lines) to blending and cooling belt.  Complete process control.

Crosfield Chemical, Joliet, Illinois.  Multiple Construction Management contracts for Technology Transfer Projects.  The first for Micronized Gels, second a Zeolite Plant, third at precipitated silicates plant and fourth, a glass furnace and dissolver, all based on technology transferred from the UK and Holland.

Eli Lilly & Company, Clinton and Tippecanoe Laboratories.  Multiple General Contracts, several concrete spill containment structures completed ahead of schedule and within budget.

Ablestik Laboratories, Los Angeles, California.  Construction Management Contract for a $10,000,000 facility for the manufacture of high-tech adhesives in Los Angeles CA area.  Project was built fast-track within a priority organization dedicated to not have fast-track projects.

Oil Fractionation Plant, Ingalls, Illinois.  Construction Management Contract for a fast-track completion of a technology transfer from Holland. Complicated piping systems and state-of-the-art computer controls for an on schedule project completed well under budget.

AGP. Consulting and preconstruction services for a confidential $40MM project.

Indiana Precision Technology, Greenfield, Indiana.  Unified Contract for construction of electronic fuel injection systems for automobiles.  Major mechanical systems for HVAC, solvent recovery, process chemicals.  Fast track project that included tunnels and pits for casting machines.

Crosfield Chemicals, Joliet, Illinois.   Construction Manager for construction of brewing hydrogel plant process distribution controls for exact recipe, chemical control and pH adjustment plus packing system.  This technology transfer was installed at an existing operational plant.

American Maize, Hammond, Indiana.   Construction Manager for food grade starch treating and drying facility.  Includes chemical systems for precise recipe control, corn control for all functions.  

Microlife, MPI, Rochester, Minnesota and Clawson, Michigan.  Personally oversaw removal of dry blending and packaging equipment at Clawson facility and re-installation of process at Rochester, MN.  Dairy grade installations in existing operating plant process rooms.

Central Foundry, Danville, Illinois.   Installation of foundation and pit for new casting furnace.  Included working next to and underpinning operating cupola and furnace to install new furnace and temporary support of structure, control room and rebuild new structure.  

Subaru-Isuzu, Lafayette, Indiana.  New Plant with deep pits and slab on grade facility for production of autos including pits for 5,000 ton presses, die cast machines and all other pits for a 2,000,000 sf. project.  Manpower on project peaked at 350.

National Starch & Chemical Co., Hamburg, Germany.  Consultant for the first fully automated corn starch treating and drying facility in Europe.  This technology transfer project included all process controls and instrumentation.


Jud’s project management experience also includes:

National Starch & Chemical, Kansas City expansion
National Starch & Chemical, Steep House
National Starch & Chemical, Raymond Street expansion
National Starch & Chemical, Pre-Gel facility
A.E. Staley Manufacturing Co., Inc., Crystalline Fructose Plant


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