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Experience Makes the Difference

Our staff knows when a contractor’s work plan and schedule is right. We know the correct crew size and make-up. We understand what equipment is required; when materials must be on the job; what should be fabricated off-site. It is that experience that makes a project complete on-time and start-ups go smoothly.

Good Plan = Good Project

The time to plan the work is prior to getting into the field. Delivery times on selected equipment or materials determine if they are to be part of a bid package or purchased separately early. Access to the project for equipment, when it arrives, must be considered along with how it will be rigged. Temporary construction for safety and weather protectionis is also a necessary consideration.

Good Documentation – Clear Understanding

Preparation of the contracts and purchase orders for the project is an important phase. After carefully preparing the bid packages, and with selected bidders, we meet to review the scope, define the parameters, and make certain all the contractors understand the contract documents. Prior to award we meet with the apparent successful bidder to review again.

We control and update the right documents for the future so others can maintain and operate the facility. We close out the job efficiently so construction activities are the last thing an owner has to worry about when he is putting the facility into operation.


West Construction Management