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Walter Hannowsky

Walter is skilled in providing both pre-construction and project execution services for a wide range of process industrial projects. He is skilled in estimating, scheduling, cost control and site management. He has also been responsible for hard contract direct hire labor projects where the financial success or failure of a project was his sole responsibility.

His experience of determining the best crew mix, tools, equipment and material coordination to eliminate waste in the field has given Walt ever increasing difficult projects to complete.

He has been responsible for projects across the US. Walt has carefully packaged work activities to take the benefits of area contractor pool and has successfully executed projects in merit-shop climates. Walter is aggressive with schedules, demanding the contractors perform as they agreed. And he insists they execute their work just as the contract requires. Always fair, he insists the Owner receives everything the contract documents delineate.

He has carefully executed many projects including those where he has been called in to “pick up the pieces” where another contractor has failed!

Following is a representative list of projects:

Reilly Tar & Chemical, Indianapolis.  New column installation. 

Ford Motor Company.  Oil coolant system.

Crosfield Chemical, Joliet, Illinois.  Brewing hydrogel plant process distribution controls for exact recipe, chemical control and pH adjustment plus packing system.   Learned the technology in the UK and was instrumental in the transfer to the US.

Ford Motor Company, Indianapolis, Indiana.  Flume flush system.

 Marathon Refining Company, Indianapolis, IN.  Plateformer turn-around.

Ablestik Laboratories, Los Angeles, California.  Construction Management Contract for a $10,000,000 facility for the manufacture of high-tech adhesives.  Project included solvents collection and incineration.  Technology chosen, in its infancy at the time, started successfully.  

Oil Fractionation Plant, Ingalls, Illinois.  Construction Management Contract for a fast-track completion of a technology transfer from Holland. Systems included columns for extraction of solvent from oils.  

National Starch & Chemical Co., Woodruff, South Carolina. Construction Manager for construction of high technology hot-melt adhesives plant.  The project was started using a general contractor but all control was lost.  The Owner stopped the project and re-established it as a construction management project.  Even with the failures on the part of the original project execution scheme, the project was brought in on schedule and the expected cost over-run was eliminated.

Vandenburg Foods, Ingalls, Illinois.  Warehouse, Packaging, and Glatt processing unit for flavors encapsulation plant.

National Starch & Chemical Co., Indianapolis, Indiana.  Mechanical Project Manager for multiple projects including a relocated process, Novelose and Production Pilot Plant.


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